My name is Lorna ‘Lollipop’ Whitlock and Lollipop-up:The Pop-up Portrait Parlour is my brainchild. I am your professional photographer and I am also your first point of contact.

I am a Fine Art graduate with a first class honours degree. I mostly specialised in photography and digital design and acheived an A* in Photography at A-Level, so you know you are in capable hands.


For as long as I can remember, I have loved playing dress-up. The ever-expanding ‘dressing-up box’ in our family home was always a source of wonder for me. When other children began to grow out of dressing-up and playing make-believe, I took to the stage, joining drama and performing arts clubs, playing various costumed-characters and keeping the wonder alive. As I grew older, I discovered photography and fell in love with taking people's portraits. My favourite thing to do became dressing my friends in weird and wonderful costumes and taking photographs of them as we laughed until we cried. I could never resist getting in front of the camera either, spending many an occasion becoming characters in series after series of self-portraits. As my tastes matured, I developed a love of all things vintage. My home is a breeding ground for retro and antique knick-knacks - I never can resist a good peruse through a charity shop!

Lollipop-up was born out of all of these things that I love. The child-like wonder and pure unadulterated fun associated with dressing up are things I never lost. I am passionate about creating an experience where people can let go of the stresses of ‘adulting’, re-ignite their playful sides and just have a whole lot of fun!